13 februari 2011


Ikos (Im Kreuzberger Osten) Yummy food on the corner of Manteuffelstrasse and Köpencikerstrasse. Highly recommended. Börg!

Onion Soup at Ikos

Berlin Tips

Every now and then friends of mine decide to visit Berlin. Sometimes they ask me for tips, sometimes I volunteer them. From now on I will collect them here. They won’t be about most of West Berlin since I hardly know that part of town (aside from X-berg, that is). They won’t be tips for the best pubcrawl and you might scratch your head here and there.

Oh, and don’t forget the Comments. The fact that it says 0 comments is a RapidWeaver bug. I know for a fact there are comments on the next post already !

Boxhagener Strasse