Human Beings started in 1991, the early days of Techno in The Netherlands when Bert van de Grift met Allert Aalders at Utrecht, NL's club Ekko.
Working in the studio and doing ad-hoc live techno shows with Peter Knijnenburg they slowly started to gain a reputation for their live sets.

After some intense encouragement by local DJ's Marcel Mertens and Luc Bakker records were released, first on
See Saw and later on Deviate records.
Peter Knijnenburg had to leave to become a computational science specialist so Mark Ripmeester (ex
Sunshower, It's Thinking) was asked to join.
At the end of 1994 this resulted in higher profile gigs and some more records.
At the start of 1995 Human Beings are just Allert and Bert and the
Noorderslag festival kicks of a busy year with two albums, a couple of 12"es, a tour with Speedy J and Sensurreal and a gig in Prague.

More (ao interactive) gigs in 1996 and in 1997 a VJ-Live techno Visual experience called "
God Less America" with video by Oscar Luyer and Boris Evers shocks the dutch stages.
1998 this idea is carried further in "
Club Voyeur" which premieres at the Rotterdam Film Festival.

After this, Allert starts a job as an sound engineer in Utrecht's Tivoli and for various national and international acts while Bert starts a career as Java programmer.
Just when the two start planning making music again Bert van de Grift dies in 2005.
He will be very sorely missed by many. To make things even sadder, old compadre Peter Knijnenburg dies in 2007.