Ikos (Im Kreuzberger Osten) Yummy food on the corner of Manteuffelstrasse and Köpencikerstrasse. Highly recommended. Börg!

Onion Soup at Ikos
Im Kreuzberger Osten

Ikos is an old corner pub on the corner of Manteuffelstrasse and Köpenickerstrasse. It’s an area where you don’t really expect a place like this. It’s under new management. The interior is pretty old school and doesn’t look very special. The reason this place is special is the cooking of my mate Börg.

Couple of years back we did a summer gig at Maria am Ostbahnhof with T.Raumschmiere & Das Bierbeben. I already knew Börg as one of the bar staff at Maria. This time he BBQ’ed for us.

Best-BBQ-EVER! Yes. That includes Brazil & Argentina.

Next time I came to Berlin I heard he was cooking at a place in X-berg called “La Raclette” (I’m sure I will write about that place soon as well). Again, angels were urinating on my tongue as we say in the Netherlands. I tried to go back there but time did not permit.

Imagine my surprise when Börg and me met at Maria am Ostbahnhof (story soon, place gone soon as well) and he told me he had started cooking at a new place! The conversation went something like this: “I’m cooking at a new place.” “Where is it?” “The corner of Manteuffel and Köpenickerstrasse.” “I’m coming over on Sunday.”

Damn right. Told my friends we were going to eat at a new place, trust me. Some in our group are a bit difficult with food but hey, I said trust me.

So there we are, residential street in X-berg, at the corner, Astra sign on the wall, old school german interior, “Please check if he really works here ?!” Yep.

I had Entrecote in Rocquefort gravy. The other option was pepper gravy but I’m a sucker for blue cheese and was NOT disapointed. Au contraire. Yummy, Yummy, yummy, yummy.
They had home made veggie Ravioli, the response was basically: “I didn’t know Ravioli could be this good”.
One other had Schweinebraten (untranslatable, google is yr friend) and only said: “Yes..... yes....yes....”

So, in the end, do I recommend this place ? Let’s just say it would be the first place I would recommend. Others will follow.

Heil Börg.

Oh, btw I should mention that our host (Börg’s partner in this) was extremely friendly and funny and deserves a big hug as well!